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safe1707839 edit132675 edited screencap65316 editor:quoterific1870 screencap222389 daring do6421 fluttershy212813 pinkie pie216343 rainbow dash234098 rarity181987 tank2735 twilight sparkle300505 earth pony249295 pegasus292343 pony968987 turtle518 unicorn324036 a friend in deed798 daring don't1046 just for sidekicks948 read it and weep667 stranger than fan fiction1045 swarm of the century721 tanks for the memories1461 the best night ever1367 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000814 trade ya921 bag4712 bandage5695 blushing197885 book33508 carousel boutique2190 clothes460148 cloudsdale1293 crying43618 cute200027 dashabetes9257 dashie antoinette34 dress44595 duo61469 duo female10925 excited2994 eyes closed93704 female1364439 floppy ears52384 gala dress4572 goggles14074 golden oaks library5097 hat86964 hug28306 male373226 open mouth146128 puppy dog eyes733 sad24539 sadbow dash35 saddle bag5861 safari hat42 shyabetes13833 snow13791 teeth9813 tourist89 unicorn twilight17543 wig874 winghug2904 wings107650 winter outfit1518


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I'd have used the puppy dog eyes she gave the doctor after being discharged and trying to get back in but this is fine.