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This is the first gif I made with a caption! LOL I wonder what Sombra saw that got him to say this? LOL xDDD
safe1749505 edit135823 edited screencap67180 screencap227172 king sombra14227 pony1009651 unicorn341922 the beginning of the end2184 animated100787 antagonist1655 armor24446 bedroom eyes61328 black mane433 cape10720 caption22051 clothes475608 crown17932 crystal2709 crystal empire2361 curved horn7173 dialogue67920 evil2968 evil grin4594 flirty303 flowing mane2002 funny4229 gif32108 glowing eyes11575 green eyes4626 grin40856 horn77430 image macro37468 jewelry68115 lounging276 male387712 meme83334 red eyes6508 red horn65 regalia21117 sharp teeth3964 smiling260597 solo1093759 stallion115613 stupid sexy sombra443 teeth10471 text62148 throne3234 throne room1144


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