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random sketches done during the stream
safe1687757 artist:chub-wub353 applejack168308 big macintosh28039 phyllis268 pinkie pie214416 rainbow dash231857 shining armor22941 sunburst6613 twilight sparkle298124 alicorn220880 earth pony241736 pegasus284639 pony949494 unicorn315361 beard3567 boop7306 chest587 chest fluff38070 clothes452666 cowboy hat15382 cute197078 facial hair5751 female1345872 fluffy14022 glasses60790 glowing horn19250 hat85289 horn63817 magic72292 male366382 mare471774 mug4177 rainbow crash309 scarf22988 simple background387081 sketch62045 stallion106326 telekinesis27250 toque152 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122817 white background96031


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Background Pony #8CEC
ship dash with everything ✓

cute comfy but disagreeable twi

shining beard looks good