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Everyone else was jumping on “glowing eyes” Cadance this year, why not join in myself?
Is this when Fluttershy and Big Mac got together in the FM Holidays timeline, or is Cadance just going to give the couple an unforgettable Hearts and Hooves Day? Who knows? It matters not to the princess of shipping.
safe1785915 anonymous artist2994 big macintosh29219 fluttershy220441 princess cadance33618 alicorn239137 earth pony281029 pegasus323244 pony1087413 series:fm holidays198 arrow2315 black background6029 bow (weapon)1463 bow and arrow954 cupidance38 female1434420 fluttermac3086 glowing eyes11956 heart arrow160 holiday22052 hoof hold8998 male399854 mare519102 pointy ponies3467 princess of love143 princess of shipping119 shipper on deck1465 shipping209588 simple background422869 stallion121290 straight143422 valentine's day3612 weapon32175


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