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Be careful when giving your horse waifu flowers
safe1752955 artist:nookprint89 fluttershy217485 pegasus310024 pony1012671 2 panel comic1393 comic111587 cute205989 daaaaaaaaaaaw4699 dialogue68142 eating9970 eating flower10 eyes closed98341 female1403982 flower26755 heart50105 herbivore1218 horses doing horse things1266 mare503256 nom3102 offscreen character35800 open mouth154876 rose4018 shyabetes14535 smiling261776 solo1095924 weapons-grade cute3764


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Background Pony #222F
@Background Pony #EC97  
Yeah, exactly. If you want someone or something to love you, food is the easiest way.  
Also, you can just press the “Reply” button instead of typing it out.
Background Pony #3A7F
PSA: When giving horse waifus flowers, avoid ones with thorns!  
Thank you!