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Be careful when giving your horse waifu flowers

safe1751622 artist:nookprint89 fluttershy217345 pegasus309559 pony1011555 2 panel comic1392 comic111533 cute205811 daaaaaaaaaaaw4691 dialogue68087 eating9960 eating flower10 eyes closed98236 female1402860 flower26728 heart50063 herbivore1216 horses doing horse things1266 mare502679 nom3102 offscreen character35761 open mouth154638 rose4016 shyabetes14518 smiling261377 solo1095101 weapons-grade cute3763


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Background Pony #222F

@Background Pony #EC97
Yeah, exactly. If you want someone or something to love you, food is the easiest way.
Also, you can just press the “Reply” button instead of typing it out.

Background Pony #3A7F

PSA: When giving horse waifus flowers, avoid ones with thorns!
Thank you!