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The 10th anniversary of Suited for Success's air date was last week. It was my first episode, so I figure I should make something commemorating it.

Surprise surprise, this episode made me a Rarity fan from the get-go. The resonating plotline, her earnest dressmaking, one of THE best songs, her hamminess, and the dazzling fashion show conclusion, there's so much to love about this episode and her.
safe1692518 artist:sirmasterdufel852 hoity toity987 rarity180625 earth pony243542 pony954568 unicorn317477 mlp fim's tenth anniversary581 suited for success848 carousel boutique2121 clapping645 clothes454559 dignified wear166 dress44045 duo59895 eyes closed91974 female1350374 gala dress4549 glasses61079 glowing horn19332 horn64722 male368174 mare474136 scene interpretation8472 smiling244296 stallion107013 underhoof51484


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well this picture is a great example of why you shouldn't filter artists that seemingly only draw things you don't like.