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safe1992713 artist:chub-wub686 fizzlepop berrytwist9708 starlight glimmer55892 sunset shimmer73505 tempest shadow18316 trixie75294 twilight sparkle335509 alicorn278455 pony1345559 unicorn456177 absurd resolution71967 apple19329 armchair382 banana2409 bottle5240 can571 chair10279 cider2855 computer7340 couch10877 counterparts906 drink6677 eyes closed122706 female1623080 food89158 fruit1393 glowing horn25965 headphones9490 headset2241 herbivore2200 horn120628 implied moondancer46 laptop computer2867 levitation14448 magic87547 mare629066 microphone6526 open mouth201628 orange1162 pepsi228 podcast61 poster6404 raised hoof60828 raised leg10167 recording studio100 reformed354 reformed unicorn meeting19 smiling337600 soda1882 table11446 telekinesis34754 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139650 twilight's counterparts910 water19423 water bottle652


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