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safe1766615 artist:chub-wub501 fizzlepop berrytwist9305 starlight glimmer50113 sunset shimmer65366 tempest shadow17090 trixie69111 twilight sparkle308001 alicorn235561 pony1026497 unicorn349136 absurd resolution67555 apple16949 armchair289 banana2072 bottle4339 can472 chair7178 cider2606 computer6395 couch8824 counterparts879 drink5106 eyes closed99661 female1415757 food73941 fruit1112 glowing horn20872 headphones8168 headset1859 horn80182 implied moondancer35 laptop computer2403 levitation12738 magic76198 mare509432 microphone5402 open mouth157520 orange978 pepsi201 podcast35 poster5543 raised hoof49188 raised leg8192 recording studio83 reformed309 reformed unicorn meeting16 smiling265726 soda1647 table9601 telekinesis29103 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126954 twilight's counterparts896 water14418 water bottle528


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