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safe1654079 artist:tarkron121 blossomforth1409 bon bon16030 diamond tiara10031 lyra heartstrings28924 silver spoon6412 sweetie drops16030 tantabus469 tempest shadow16455 twilight sparkle293592 twist2833 breezie2116 earth pony229615 gargoyle270 hybrid17341 minotaur997 mule347 pegasus271647 unicorn301854 comic:shadows of the past (tarkron)8 series:creature-verse152 armor22947 bench2406 breeziefied481 comic105594 commission63016 minotaurified7 misspelling2344 ponyville5571 species swap18562 tantabus sparkle17 tantabusified22 twilight's castle3709


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Background Pony #4C9B
calling it now, twilight and fluttershy use size medallions when they are home alone