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"I just need some coffee"

Didn't sleep that well Friday night so I drew this. Twilight is my fave to show my mood haha :3

☕️commission info: https://talim.carrd.co/
☕️☕️ko-fi/donations: https://ko-fi.com/talim

#TwilightSparkle #MLP #Coffee https://t.co/cQBp12Zip4
safe1689550 artist:talimingi189 twilight sparkle298363 alicorn221244 pony951215 clothes453343 coffee3839 cup6195 dialogue64495 drunk bubbles359 female1347464 hoodie13896 mare472705 morning ponies1432 offscreen character33486 solo1052559 tired3092 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122931 wing hands2023 wing hold374 wings103862


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…Are those pupils stylistic, or implying that Twilight is one missed cup of coffee away from turning full Nightmare in the mornings?

If the later, that's an amusing idea!