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Trixie : "Thanks for helping Trixie, Grapefruit <3"
Grapefruit Face : "Anytime, Trixie…"

Since a RUDE and spiteful Rainbow Dash didn't help Trixie with her 10ft handkerchief, I thought I'd lend a hand to my princes <3
Base used by myself using multiple screencaps
Made in Paint.NET
I no longer accept any requests, sorry
UPDATE 10/02/2021 — Made a few adjustments
safe1688722 artist:grapefruitface11013 trixie66843 oc673532 oc:grapefruit face155 equestria girls197860 equestria girls series32473 spring breakdown2627 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13908 blushing194587 canon x oc24627 clothes453065 dress43901 female1346723 grapexie143 handkerchief476 happy30743 hat85386 helping130 jeans4024 looking at each other19720 male366686 pants14229 shipping197841 shirt24393 sitting62226 socks65345 stage3052 stockings32157 straight134556 t-shirt4328 thigh highs35552 wholesome448


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