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This image has a mini-story!! If you want to read the mini-story of this pic, you can download the PDF here:
Story > Sunset — Honey Trap — PDF

>> About the pic: okay guys! here is the pic of Sunset!!! The other thing I wanted to comment on is that maybe you didn't notice it, but in my previous Sunset drawings, I always drew her with her "new" hairstyle, you know which one I mean (Sunset's backstage pass)… but with this drawing, I returned to her old hair. … I like both, but I wanted to give her variety hehe. Anyway, I hope you like it! Cheers!
suggestive140873 artist:charliexe337 sunset shimmer62292 equestria girls198008 equestria girls series32511 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13939 adorasexy9601 blushing194787 breasts273522 clothes453452 cute197379 eyes closed91568 female1347705 flashing1247 frilly underwear4448 indoors2963 open mouth142409 panties49690 pantyhose3386 pink underwear4245 ribbon7020 sexy28877 shimmerbetes4332 skirt39214 skirt lift4700 socks65407 solo1052724 thigh highs35577 underwear60137


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