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Trixie is 🏳️‍⚧️
safe1690883 artist:froyo15sugarblast28 trixie66936 pony952597 unicorn316635 female1348755 gender headcanon171 gradient background12403 headcanon2285 lgbt headcanon272 magic72459 magic aura3954 male to female977 pride1679 pride flag1255 raised hoof44901 solo1053540 trans female746 trans trixie92 transgender1782 transgender pride flag381


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Artist -

Perro Gordo
Same here! I like to think the spell Twilight faked in Magic Duel (to turn a mare into a stallion) is possible and that there are other spells that helps trans ponies change to look more masculine, feminine or whatever they want! :D

headcanon is Trixie is trans, just did a spell/took a potion to change her body to be her desired form <3
In My headcanon, ponies can be any gender/sex they want with a common spell/potion and its super easy and nopony cares <3