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safe1970843 artist:chub-wub673 discord34764 fluttershy238093 draconequus16919 pegasus406297 pony1322513 absurd resolution71559 bridal carry547 carrying2676 clothes558904 crossdressing10986 cuddling9653 cute236071 discoshy3340 dress53694 female1602468 hat108873 holding a draconequus4 holding a pony3783 hoof on chin768 looking at someone7366 lying down32710 male459552 mare617902 on back29594 one eye closed39859 prone30778 reading7294 role reversal1599 shipping229645 simple background500984 spread wings75354 straight159480 tongue out128488 top hat5034 wedding dress2295 white background130101 wings174817 wink29611


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Background Pony #4891
The bridal carry one, imagine it is an RGRE where both are forced to play along with traditional RGRE roles for them, yet they found out it is more enjoyable than they first thought.