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safe1768664 edit137825 edited screencap68742 editor:quoterific2730 screencap231282 applejack174700 fluttershy218947 pinkie pie221752 princess cadance33380 rainbow dash240220 rarity187148 shining armor23774 spike81079 twilight sparkle308298 alicorn235935 dragon59610 earth pony273897 pegasus316064 pony1028532 unicorn350000 the crystal empire2891 applejack's hat8903 cowboy hat17712 duo66165 female1417501 flying40004 hat91922 hopping321 mane seven6732 mane six32854 one eye closed33194 open mouth157950 teeth10724 unicorn twilight19165 walking5021 wink26038


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I won’t lie this was too corny for me. I wish it would’ve been a more sarcastic response. That seems more authentic or at least interesting to me. It’s just my opinion.