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My first but still temporary reference for my main colt, my mascot oc — Dreamer Skies. You free to draw him whatever you want, with your characters, in sfw and nsfw arts. No need to ask permission for that. Any art make me happy (but please, don't draw him in fetishes like gore).

NSFW — @DreamySkiesAD
SFW — @DreamySkiesArts
explicit344232 artist:dreamyskies139 oc668471 oc only439789 oc:dreamer skies164 pegasus282018 pony942899 accessory139 anus94795 balls74335 blushing193220 close-up5942 ear fluff28392 flower25048 flower in hair7509 looking at you163880 looking back55713 looking back at you13957 male364095 nudity362621 pegasus oc9583 penis150248 ponut42537 presenting23579 presenting anus568 presenting penis180 reference sheet12198 solo1046509 solo male25841 space4962 space background41 stallion105363 text58317 tricolor mane14


not provided yet


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