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safe1707197 artist:tjpones3124 spike78809 twilight sparkle300420 alicorn224569 dragon56347 pony968362 the last problem5802 animated98674 black and white12937 book33498 bookshelf3550 duo61402 female1363819 gigachad spike824 grayscale38107 library3232 mare481003 megaphone327 monochrome149708 older26729 older spike5275 princess twilight 2.02366 sound8880 twilight is not amused1479 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123689 unamused16240 vulgar20735 webm13373


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@Dirty Bit
Considering Twilight is now the sole ruling princess of Equestria, I would assume she's taken up Celestia's and Luna's responsibilities of the day/night cycle, which would mean there's nowhere he could go that wasn't in magic range.