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This might be true or might be not, you decide?


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Depends on if the description of the image he quoted (>>2544337) is true. You do know all people in the world other than the ones uploading the images on Derpibooru can also read the descriptions of absolutely any image on Derpibooru at absolutely any time, right? That's the purpose of having a description on an upload.

There's also the probability that the uploader of this upload on Derpibooru and the other upload on Derpibooru is actually just alexbronynerfers trying to get the fandom's attention to a ridiculous theory for something without even considering the probability of at least part of the concept being completely scrapped.
Background Pony #2F20
Personally I never trust any 'news' that sounds like a dick pill popup run through Google translate.
Background Pony #81E2
That quote is literally the description text of >>2544337

How about we drop debating it and wait for more information?