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"Sunset Catfishing"

Would you be disappointed?

Saw this and was a little surprised it wasn't more meme popular. So made one with Bacon Hair.

(original concept, warning a bit suggestive)
safe1689768 artist:chopsticks579 sunset shimmer62292 pony951456 unicorn316197 equestria girls198008 blushing194787 breasts273522 busty sunset shimmer5360 catfishing3 cheek fluff5389 chest fluff38189 comic108062 crossed legs3140 cute197379 dialogue64511 female1347705 looking at you165562 self ponidox7985 shimmerbetes4332 sitting62296 sleeveless4167 solo1052724 text58688 unshorn fetlocks24902 waving2905


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FWIW, I'd still be happy if human Sunset were to show up "as advertised", so to speak, but I do think pony Sunset might make for a more interesting date. :)
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Rice pone
Cute. Can you make one with Glim Glam?

A few minutes after I posted I realized Lyra would've been the best choice. But I have an idea for one with Glim Glam.

I'll think about it. Probably because it was Sunset more than anything else but this drained my art self pretty hard.

Lol this reminded me of that episode from Johnny bravo where he dated a deer 😂

I don't miss that show at all, but now…

Background Pony #C09D
Actually I would prefer the horse. What could be cooler than talking horse?