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I found this image on Reddit, and didn’t see it posted anywhere here, so I hope it’s alright that I post it! It looks incredibly similar to this picture by dorkmark, so I have to assume that this is by them as well.
safe1970922 artist:dorkmark200 edit156746 rainbow dash259254 pegasus406323 pony1322591 bronybait3213 cheek fluff7853 chest fluff53271 clothes558949 cute236088 daaaaaaaaaaaw5785 dashabetes10956 dialogue80093 ear fluff41603 feather7392 female1602555 happy38349 hnnng2626 hug request498 hugs needed124 hugs?65 looking up20677 mare617951 pillow22477 rainbow socks1866 raised hoof59809 shoulder fluff2522 sitting78571 smiling330993 socks81813 solo1267949 spread wings75364 striped socks25290 wings174843


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Background Pony #7A27
Looks like a digital alteration of the original. Not a bad one, but the original drawing was clearly done with traditional materials, and the edits look very clearly digital (the strokes for the mouth and where the tears used to be; the very digital-looking blending under the eye and where the O in ‘NO’ overlaps the background shading).
Probably a good idea to call this an ‘edit’ in the tags, unless there’s an indication that it was made by dorkmark themself.