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From my anthro MLP dreamscape. In that dreamscape the grownup CMC formed the metal band Flying Fingers! This has been a very successful band and has released several albums.

Scootaloo is the guitarist and secondary vocalist. She goes by the stage name of Flying Fingers as well. Sweetie Belle is the bassist and is the lead vocalist. Applebloom is the drummer and provides support vocals. For various concerts or album the band will bring support musicians for it.

This is one of the outfits Sweetie Belle has worn on stage and has posed in for various promotional images.
suggestive148419 artist:baron engel2076 sweetie belle49727 unicorn342338 anthro269604 unguligrade anthro50256 boots22934 breasts288744 busty sweetie belle2167 clothes476048 collar34548 cuffs4662 eyes closed98091 female1401969 leather1284 leather boots244 mare502228 monochrome152337 older27806 older sweetie belle2473 open mouth154396 panties51504 pencil drawing8369 shoes38745 solo1094420 thigh boots1597 traditional art120263 underboob4070 underwear62517


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