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-Copied from my Twitter

"From the looks of it, Twi stole her friends skimpy ass bikini. Or rather took it back, it seems. Looks better on her anyways~."

(Damn she looks great in that. Almost like she's wearing nothing at all. Why she's flipping you off, I don't know. Maybe she just likes you? Beach sex can't be that bad, just, uh…. watch out for the sand.)
questionable111519 artist:shreddy11758 twilight sparkle302972 unicorn331820 anthro264335 plantigrade anthro33452 areola18473 beach15352 beach ball1530 big breasts83659 bikini18502 black nail polish92 breasts282995 busty twilight sparkle12224 chubby13326 chubby twilight154 clothes466758 female1380298 flipping off34 freckles29467 fuck you257 huge breasts38926 large butt17222 lipstick11367 middle finger1154 nipple piercing5599 nipples170945 nudity375567 piercing42073 skimpy outfit490 sling bikini1445 smiling254045 smirk12708 snake bites217 solo1077337 solo female181386 swimsuit28845 thicc ass1300 thick4499 thighlight sparkle561 thunder thighs8623 unicorn twilight18132 vulgar20931 wide hips17690


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