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-Copied from my Twitter
“From the looks of it, Twi stole her friends skimpy ass bikini. Or rather took it back, it seems. Looks better on her anyways~.”
(Damn she looks great in that. Almost like she’s wearing nothing at all. Why she’s flipping you off, I don’t know. Maybe she just likes you? Beach sex can’t be that bad, just, uh…. watch out for the sand.)
questionable114615 artist:shreddy11788 twilight sparkle335534 unicorn456253 anthro320934 plantigrade anthro43897 3d106179 areola25556 beach19428 beach ball1859 big breasts109318 bikini22694 black nail polish152 breasts349112 busty twilight sparkle14743 chubby15645 chubby twilight217 clothes567481 female1623325 flipping off39 freckles37157 fuck you291 huge breasts50874 large butt26769 lipstick14490 middle finger1322 nipple piercing7166 nipples215100 nudity458935 one ear down1044 piercing54580 skimpy outfit664 sling bikini1736 smiling337679 smirk16158 snake bites314 solo1286010 solo female210113 swimsuit35180 the ass was fat18944 thick5581 thighlight sparkle657 thunder thighs13204 unicorn twilight27056 vulgar23634 wide hips25248


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