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-Copied from my Twitter
“Took the head from the requiem models I made and put it on an anthro body I was messing around with a while ago. Kinda like how it looks so far.”
(I decided then to do a few more renders with this model and actually fix it up for some future saucy renders. The body is a heavily edited nexgen. Gave it a nice IK in blender, added more detailed textures in areas, heavily altered the body itself for the shape it has, added my Requiem 3 head to it, etc.)
questionable114606 artist:shreddy11788 twilight sparkle335490 unicorn456130 anthro320842 plantigrade anthro43877 3d106146 ass71553 bedroom eyes73684 big breasts109284 blender11399 blender cycles2251 boobs and butt pose543 breasts348997 busty twilight sparkle14740 butt192428 fat26492 feet49308 female1622957 freckles37142 huge breasts50854 large butt26737 lip bite13877 looking at you221301 looking back75323 looking back at you23867 nipples215027 nudity458803 presenting30220 simple background511187 solo1285698 solo female210039 the ass was fat18934 thick5578 twibutt7604 twilight has a big ass722 unicorn twilight27048


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