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A Grapexie version of this picture, made with permission from PhantomShadow051 instead of him doing a point comish or request <3 Thanks again!
Sunset Shimmer : What would you like to do next? There's alot of interesting things to do and see in this dimension
Starlight Glimmer : Ohh, I wanna see Trixie! She's gotta be here!
Sunset Shimmer : I think she's busy at the moment

Starlight sneaks off and tries to look for Trixie and then finds her with me…
I bet walking in on Spike brushing his teeth doesn't seem so bad now.
Guitar vector by scrapplejack
Alternative Starlight Glimmer outfit inspired by gmaplay
Shaded version :
(I changed this because I wanted it too look as close too Phantom's artsyle as possible, oh and I changed Starlight's clothes because she looked better with the skirt in since in the original Pinkie was wearing a skirt)
Pictures edited from screencaps and official EG promo material.
Made in Paint.NET
I no longer accept any requests, sorry
suggestive141046 artist:phantomshadow05173 editor:grapefruitface196 trixie66940 oc674953 oc:grapefruit face157 equestria girls198239 barefoot27180 belly button76637 blushing195001 breasts274018 canon x oc24696 caught3316 clothes453953 clothes on floor43 collaboration5251 covered nipples451 covering3910 feet39232 female1348986 godiva hair269 grapexie145 guitar4909 imminent sex6885 interrupted151 jeans4032 looking at each other19785 looking back56467 looking over shoulder3739 magic wand570 male367628 male nipples2760 medal551 musical instrument10349 nipples164894 nudity365784 oops490 oops my bad58 pants14266 partial nudity20207 photography579 pictures on the wall2 shipping198199 skirt39255 straight134852 strategically covered2897 topless12407 undressing5128 watermark15796 whoops109


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