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And here we see Bobby Seas getting up to a bit of fun with P-235 and a very large balloon~ with a little moderator catalyst cylinder along the hose to ensure that gas reacts into a whole lotta helium before entering it, chances are pretty good he'll be afloat for quite a good long while yet~

Commission for Bobby Seas~


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It's sort of like when you make a film, and you just think of something for convenience solely as a means to advance the story passed a certain point.
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@Background Pony #0CF0
It's a fictional heavy element I'd come up with years ago to have a bit of fantastical science alongside inflationy shenanigans, designed to take advantage of the fact that two common radioactive decay particles (Alpha and Beta) are the building blocks of helium atoms.

For my purposes, it's just either a gas or a metallic solid that can be used to create very large amounts of helium in various places, typically ponies but occasionally also (with the help of a filter as seen here, as the gas is normally inert and will not become helium in non-organic containers) large balloons.
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I looked up P-235, and all I got was pictures of tires, and planes. I guess you pump up tires and planes fly, so…the material is related to that?