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suggestive148252 artist:ceitama124 applejack173140 fluttershy217092 rainbow dash238400 equestria girls206722 alternate hairstyle29052 appledash6470 appledashshy23 big breasts85877 bikini18946 blush sticker2606 blushing204409 breasts288385 busty applejack10812 busty fluttershy17897 clothes475393 female1400695 flutterdash4613 lesbian99212 one eye closed32449 pigtails4937 polyamory6890 rainbow dash gets all the mares86 shipping205523 sweat27603 sweatdrop3391 swimsuit29512 varying degrees of want742 wink25631 yeah156


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Background Pony #DD66
Applejack: I'm not sure how I feel about this.
Fluttershy: I'm very sure how I feel about this.