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source needed17161 suggestive161965 artist:thebrokencog948 silver spoon6907 spoiled rich1279 human181505 age difference3093 anime6275 breasts318808 busty silver spoon303 busty spoiled rich357 clopfic in the comments1034 clothes524459 commission86914 drool28032 drool string6449 female1515859 females only14335 french kiss2212 humanized106270 infidelity7752 kissing27319 lesbian104398 lingerie11751 milf10969 older31828 older silver spoon741 sexy34709 shipping219950 sinfully sexy598 socks76041 spoiled milf255 spoiledspoon1 thigh highs43891 tongue out119740 tongue play547


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Background Pony #E8FF
O man, this is pretty hot. Always like filthysilver but damn this is good
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Background Pony #3B60
Oh my god…
As Silver Spoon felt the kiss end, that delectable tongue slither away from its place twirled about her own, she thought her heart might break. She’d been little more than a teenage girl when she had first come to lust after Diamond’s mother, her desires finally unraveled and given proper name. She’d longed for that priceless body, been incensed by Spoiled’s cold, confident attitude. The wait had been excruciating, a moment planned for so long that it was a miracle she had managed to hold back for this long. But the day she’d turned eighteen, all her desired demanded release: she dressed in her sluttiest, marched right up to their door, and begged Spoiled Rich to make love to her. It had been a wild, stupid decision-  
Now one so worth waiting for. The saliva band that hung between them was worth more to her than the pearls about her neck, physical proof that she had indeed suckled the tongue of this beautiful socialite. And to think that she had hungered before… this was unbearable.
“Hmph.” Spoiled regarded her desperate, youthful prize with a slight smirk. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a young woman. Have you been waiting for me, Silver Spoon? I know you have.”
“Yes,” the poor girl moaned, trying to reach out and claim that delicious tongue yet again, to feel it’s slickness on her lips. “Please, don’t stop. I can’t take it!”
“Is that so?” Spoiled Rich pulled further away, arms reaching behind her back to play with the clasp of her bra; magnificent, bountiful breasts bounced, eagerly awaiting their freedom. “Why? Do you love me?”
“Do you want me?” Spoiled taunted, body so close and yet so far…
“Do you need me?”
“Then open wide,” Spoiled commanded, claiming the desperate young woman in a maddened, frenzied kiss that set tongues to dancing in a wild, sapphic display, the beginning of the best moment of Silver Spoon’s life.
-couldn’t resist, mate-
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