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“Princess Sci-Twi”
Why are you feeling shy, Midnight? You controlled Twilight and you’re still inside her.
Characters :  
-Powerful Sparkle (Sci-Twi) (under Midnight’s control)  
-Midnight Sparkle (inside Sci-Twi)
safe1949845 artist:aryatheeditor303 sci-twi28524 twilight sparkle330389 equestria girls231276 beautiful6755 bedroom13360 belt7559 big crown thingy2756 bowtie12502 crown24340 cute232599 cutie mark52170 digital art25292 element of magic2943 female1582830 geode of telekinesis3458 glasses76227 insecure70 jewelry89033 looking at you213100 magical geodes11061 midnight sparkle2805 midnightabetes46 nervous7111 outfit1604 pendant2066 powerful sparkle133 regalia29035 shy5210 solo1249001 straight hair285 subtitles1730 twiabetes13684


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