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This is part 2 of Luster is in good hoofs! I didn't know if I was going to make a part 2 but then I said it might look good and here it is! Enjoy the story. Twilight and Luster arrive at the Crystal Empire. Twilight: Hi cadence hi BBBFF! Is flurry around? I brought some pony from ponyville just for flurry! Shining armor: Twily!!! I'm glad you came. Cadence: Hello twilight! Flurry is upstairs in her room. She really misses luster since their last playdate. Anyways who did you bring with yourself? *takes a peek* Oh twilight Flurry will be so happy to see her! They all went inside. Flurry hears Twilight and comes out of her room. Flurry: *shouting* Aunt Twily!! *hugs twilight* Twilight: Hi flurry! My you've grown big! Flurry: *looks behind twilight* Where's Luster? Didn't you bring her? Twilight: I'm sorry flurry but Starlight said Luster had to study. *winks at cadence* Flurry: *gets sad* Oh... Okay. *and goes to her room* Luster was hiding behind the door and comes out. Luster: Can I go now Princess Twilight? Twilight: Sure! Just be really sneaky! Luster: I will! Twilight: And one more thing. Don't call me princess twilight. You can call me aunt Twily just like flurry. Luster: Ok! Luster creeps in the hallways and finally reaches flurry's room. She slowly opens the door and hears flurry. Flurry: Oh Aunt Twily why didn't you bring Luster? I really wish we could play. Luster: *opens door and shouts* SURPRISE! Flurry: Mom I don't want to- Luster: It's me flurry! Flurry: Wait! Luster! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! Yay!!!! Luster: Come on flurry let's play.


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