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I made a short story! It’s my very first. Enjoy!
Starlight: Are you sure you want to take Luster Twilight? She might get out of control.
Twilight: Of course I’m sure! I’ve foal-sitted flurry before and she was a baby! Luster is a grown up filly! And besides I’m taking her because flurry misses Luster and asked me to bring her over to a playdate.
Starlight: Are you really sure? You can always change your mind you know.
Twilight: I’m absolutely sure Starlight!
Starlight: I don’t know…
Luster: Please mom!!! Pretty please! I really miss flurry! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen her. Please mom!!!! PLEASE!!!
Twilight: Oh come on Starlight! You can’t say no to a face this cute!
Starlight: *looks at luster, then twilight, then luster again* Oh alright! She can go.
Luster: Yay thanks mom! I’m coming flurry!
Twilight: Well looks like someone sure is excited! Let’s go Luster!
Luster: Yeah! Let’s go!
Twilight: You see Starlight. Equestria is in good hooves!
Starlight: Wha-
Twilight: *interrupting* I mean Luster is in good hooves!
All laugh together and after that Twilight and Luster leave.


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