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The B6 invades Applejack’s kitchen…for some reason.
“How did you guys even get in?!”
safe1766411 artist:platinum-starz54 applejack174496 bon bon16759 carrot top5586 derpy hooves50971 dj pon-329811 doctor whooves10993 golden harvest5586 lyra heartstrings30221 octavia melody24332 sweetie drops16758 time turner10989 vinyl scratch29811 human160236 applejack's hat8849 background six272 basketball550 basketball net65 beret2031 bon bon is not amused1063 bowtie10851 cape10889 clothes481327 coat2981 converse5908 cowboy hat17647 crown18210 crying45245 draw the squad66 duckface1104 eyes closed99639 feather6349 female1415613 hat91699 humanized102536 insanity2685 jeans4391 jewelry70135 kitchen1945 l.u.l.s.221 male392968 octavia is not amused379 open mouth157472 pants15530 peace sign3187 regalia21501 sad25323 scared10896 shirt26561 shoes39444 shorts14722 slam dunk23 sports3923 table9601 unamused16959 vest4059 wall of tags3743 worried4075 yelling3236


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