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The B6 invades Applejack’s kitchen…for some reason.
“How did you guys even get in?!”
safe1948484 artist:platinum-starz54 applejack186492 bon bon17752 carrot top5879 derpy hooves53690 dj pon-331384 doctor whooves11413 golden harvest5879 lyra heartstrings31951 octavia melody25870 sweetie drops17752 time turner11408 vinyl scratch31384 human198606 applejack's hat11605 background six278 basketball618 basketball net78 beret2464 bon bon is not amused1103 bowtie12488 cape12658 clothes550696 coat3386 converse6534 cowboy hat21474 crown24309 crying49855 draw the squad68 duckface1178 eyes closed118271 feather7318 female1581748 hat106692 humanized109089 insanity2995 jeans5281 jewelry88933 kitchen2270 l.u.l.s.361 male451437 octavia is not amused406 open mouth193654 pants18441 peace sign3920 regalia28990 sad28176 scared12499 shirt31771 shoes48383 shorts16906 slam dunk35 sports4817 table11114 unamused20195 vest4662 wall of tags5258 worried4808 yelling3754


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