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The B6 invades Applejack's kitchen…for some reason.

"How did you guys even get in?!"
safe1691533 artist:platinum-starz51 applejack168678 bon bon16253 carrot top5440 derpy hooves49919 dj pon-329107 doctor whooves10695 golden harvest5440 lyra heartstrings29339 octavia melody23656 sweetie drops16254 time turner10690 vinyl scratch29107 human153226 applejack's hat7036 background six266 basketball507 basketball net62 beret1939 bon bon is not amused1043 bowtie9987 cape10179 clothes454180 coat2819 converse5599 cowboy hat15481 crown16574 crying43116 draw the squad66 duckface1078 eyes closed91831 feather5817 female1349415 hat85634 humanized99367 insanity2610 jeans4031 jewelry62204 kitchen1798 l.u.l.s.170 male367810 octavia is not amused359 open mouth142797 pants14272 peace sign2883 regalia19477 sad24344 scared10349 shirt24467 shoes35742 shorts13775 slam dunk22 sports3526 table9103 unamused15979 vest3842 wall of tags2972 worried3878 yelling3056


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