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artist Desc:
I don’t know what kind of study Sour Sweet is referring to, but I’m in!! hahah! It’s not the first time I’ve said it, but seriously the Crystal Prep uniform is so cute! I’m honestly not a fan of the color purple (I really like blue), but even so, the variety of designs of this uniform is amazing, and it can be seen not only in the main 5 Shadowbolts, but in the secondary characters as well! :D
Today, Sour Sweet invited us to her house to study, but … hmm, something tells me that we will not use the books o.o’’ xD!
suggestive170494 artist:charliexe436 sour sweet3687 equestria girls231019 bed49267 bedroom13333 bedroom eyes71250 breasts336427 clothes550419 crystal prep academy uniform3731 eyeshadow21943 freckles35760 hairpin2971 lip bite13528 looking at you212771 makeup30085 panties56823 panty shot914 pink underwear4473 raised eyebrow7774 school uniform8301 skirt47290 socks80279 stocking feet1815 underwear69743 upskirt6611


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Sour Sweet's Husbando
In before RAMMSTEIN45
I have arrived!
Been watching this one since the beginning. It’s the perfect sassy pose for her. She just gives you a peek, you have to work for the rest.