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So, several years ago, I saw (as I'm sure all bronies did) the classic "Pointy Ponies" little style that blew up and became hyper popular, and remains in vogue to this day. While I do like it a lot, it didn't fully fit what I wanted to do, so I'd developed a personal style which I'd dubbed "Paper Ponies". This style is something you can see in comics like…

Sunny Mornings at Sweet Apple Acres
Appledash — Hearts n' Hooves Day
Commission — No More Bananas

I thought using different colours to give depth was a good idea, as well as having the eyes be coloured differently, but at the same time it had a lot of issues, some people thought they looked weird or off, and didn't like it fully, as is seen when this commissioner asked me to give them the usual show eyes.

Commission — Soulmates

But even without these people's input, I also thought it wasn't as I wanted it yet, but never got around really… fixing it in any way. Recently my desire to fix this second style of mine came back to me with a passion, and I was set on fixing it. It dawned on me while I was on the shower, that using all I've learned in the last few years, along with a style I've been building upon in the last few years on other projects… I had the tools to make this better. And this is the culmination of that.
I've been working on little tests and attempts on the last few

I present to you, Gutovi's Paper Ponies 2.0

I've been working on little tests and attempts that have gone unpublished and have only been shown to close friends and stuff, with Applejack and Twilight as ponies, and some EQG-ish AJs, with EQG colours, as well as human skin tones!
For now, I will post this picture of Applejack in her two forms, and in the future I may work on doing the rest of the ponies and EQG gals, with both a EQG coloured version as well as human colours.


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