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suggestive145095 artist:racoonsan555 fluttershy214411 pinkie pie217778 human156263 adorasexy9913 anime5592 bed41459 belly button79119 blue underwear2462 blushing200247 breasts281451 busty fluttershy17502 busty pinkie pie10954 clothes465560 cute202303 female1377646 frilly underwear4477 humanized100703 looking at you171371 panties50719 pink underwear4295 ribbon7140 sexy29926 striped underwear3013 stupid sexy fluttershy1088 stupid sexy pinkie738 thick4517 thighs14195 underwear61471


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Background Pony #AF3D
@Andrea Libman
Ma'am, it can not be overemphasized how much your work has touched people, and you are a very beautiful person; beyond any amount of smutty fan art.

(Not that there's anything wrong with smutty fan art)
Background Pony #E6FD
I think this is another excellent work, The author is really great. Thank the author。
Wild Stallions
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

With the way Pinkie is touching Flutters' leg as she intertwines her fingers like that, I can't help but feel Pinkie coerced Flutters into doing this.