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safe1751312 artist:huffylime58 apple bloom51002 diamond tiara10404 scootaloo51929 silver spoon6647 sweetie belle49743 earth pony266262 pegasus309401 pony1011308 unicorn342576 apple (company)166 box4830 chicken tenders12 computer6360 crying44844 cutie mark crusaders19331 eyes closed98184 female1402591 filly69687 food73014 happy32201 laptop computer2386 meat1961 milkshake1632 money1358 open mouth154568 ponies eating meat1005 scootachicken907 stock market12 tendies10


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Background Pony #7EDC
Now draw the one where Applebloom loses Sweet Apple Acres cause she put second mortgage on the farm to buy more meme stonk.