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safe1787162 artist:huffylime58 apple bloom52163 diamond tiara10540 scootaloo52450 silver spoon6707 sweetie belle50281 earth pony281452 pegasus323739 pony1098261 unicorn357794 apple (company)170 box4944 chicken tenders12 computer6476 crying45718 cutie mark crusaders19547 eyes closed101767 female1435486 filly72100 food75217 happy33033 laptop computer2439 meat2013 milkshake1659 money1414 open mouth161889 ponies eating meat1027 scootachicken917 stock market12 tendies10


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Background Pony #7EDC
Now draw the one where Applebloom loses Sweet Apple Acres cause she put second mortgage on the farm to buy more meme stonk.