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explicit398110 artist:illuminatiums187 apple bloom54872 derpy hooves52976 fluttershy231465 princess celestia102337 princess luna106485 twilight sparkle324567 alicorn260665 pony1246595 absurd resolution70006 anus112079 bite mark568 biting4340 blushing227490 derpyshy86 drool28603 female1536033 fisting322 group sex17736 hoofing699 hornjob1061 incest15334 leg love106 lesbian105605 licking23090 mare577733 nudity429740 orgy2268 penetration69643 polyamory7318 princest2406 scrunchy face7624 sex140996 shipping222461 show accurate22023 show accurate porn8501 tongue out121747 twilestia2650 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134662 twiluna1597 twilunestia297 vaginal secretions44660 voyeur bloom54 vulva150710


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I’m removing the incorrect tags: crotchboobs, nipples, nipple bite.
In reality there are no nipples or crotchboobs in this picture, it’s just a red bite mark because of Luna’s biting.
It’s supposed to be stretched skin there around that mark.
(Also, this artwork was created during the early years of the G4 show, and back then people often got confused about ponies having colorful fur, and sometimes interpreted it as a colorful skin instead, because of the simplicity of animation style.)
My main two arguments about those tags being incorrect are the following:
  1. This particular artist, artist:illuminatiums , never had crotchboobs in their arts. The only few that are found, are edits made by some other people, adding those crotchboobs.
  2. In this artwork you can clearly see the belly areas of some other ponies, where those crotchboobs could be visible, but there are none on anypony. So that should again prove that what we see on Celestia there is just a bite mark. Luna is biting Celestia’s belly skin there.