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From a tumblr prompt: Cozy cosplaying one of the villains, they're annoyed in the outside, but dying of cuteness in the inside.
safe1679441 artist:chub-wub347 cozy glow7238 lord tirek5183 queen chrysalis34320 centaur3269 changeling46127 changeling queen15665 pegasus281479 pony941792 cave3319 clothes449828 cosplay27447 costume26981 cozybetes1194 crying42695 crystal ball519 cute195755 female1338790 filly64923 freckles27972 grogar's orb191 male363555 open mouth140517 tears of joy2418 tirebetes206


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Background Pony #E230
Chrysalis: “Hey Tirek! While Cozy pretends to be your daughter, why don’t you let me take you back to my room so I can pretend to be your wife…”