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The next level, with the God Bacon XD
safe1769987 artist:the-butch-x1531 applejack174800 fluttershy219048 pinkie pie221847 rainbow dash240347 rarity187256 sci-twi25716 sunset shimmer65474 twilight sparkle308443 equestria girls209820 bacon338 belly button82471 belly dancer924 belly dancer outfit383 bracelet10426 breasts293026 busty sunset shimmer5745 cleavage36037 ear piercing28537 earring22663 earth1140 fidget spinner100 food74139 fork931 freckles30609 glasses65805 goddess465 hinduism26 humane five3709 humane seven2752 humane six3520 jewelry70462 meat1993 multiple arms242 necklace21234


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@pink flame  
No. Most hindu (and buddhist etc.?) gods have multiple hands with which they wield a weapon, or, in this case, things like bacon on fork, globe, fidget spinner and so on.
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“Bacon is Love. Bacon is Life. All hail the delicious high-cholesterol meat, and the red-haired goddess who bestows it upon us.”