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The next level, with the God Bacon XD
safe1706158 artist:the-butch-x1506 applejack169885 fluttershy212641 pinkie pie216197 rainbow dash233936 rarity181816 sci-twi24272 sunset shimmer63004 twilight sparkle300319 equestria girls200384 bacon332 belly button77860 bracelet9416 breasts277640 busty sunset shimmer5433 cleavage34561 ear piercing26280 earring21120 earth1105 fidget spinner99 food70102 fork886 freckles28865 glasses61895 goddess440 hinduism24 humane five3391 humane seven2520 humane six3219 jewelry63618 meat1879 multiple arms239 necklace18778 open mouth145793 piercing41096 planet1202


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@pink flame
No. Most hindu (and buddhist etc.?) gods have multiple hands with which they wield a weapon, or, in this case, things like bacon on fork, globe, fidget spinner and so on.
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Everything is Everything
"Bacon is Love. Bacon is Life. All hail the delicious high-cholesterol meat, and the red-haired goddess who bestows it upon us."