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I know pegasi have magic, I just pointed that out dude.

CronoM:"there has never been established of having magic surges when you get your cutie mark, just when your infants…which makes sense; if magic and flight require some sort of will, babies have unrestrained emotions"

That's why baby pegasi can fly, because magic is based on will. Unicorn magic needs will. Pegasi magical flight needs both physical strength and will. And Earth Ponies…well we've seen Applejack buck the same fields a dozen times over roughly the last year. I'm guessing farming done by Earth ponies can make the plants grow 10 times faster. No direct abilities.

Again, there is no surge of magic that comes with getting your cutie mark. That the only pony who had a magic surge was Twilight because she awakened as the Element of Magic. A good comparison I can give you would be if Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender accidentally fell into the Avatar State when he was 5 or 6. It had nothing to do with a specific rule about cutie marks in general.

Your mixing two facts about MLP up.

As for Cadense, the Crystal Heart might be a power up for her, we'll just have to see. The one thing I'M wondering about is why the brainwashed ponies thought an alicorn like Cadense looked like "the Crystal Princess". Could the Crystal Princess have been her ancestor, the reason Celestia and Luna have nieces and nephews?


Pegasi have magic though as well; as per faust, all the Ponies possess magic of some type. This is why Pegasi can interact with the weather, their magic lets them touch clouds and such, and Seems to most probably be what lets them fly as well, since they aren't flapping their wings very hard or often while hovering.
So RD could most likely have been able to fly that fast due to a surge of Pegasi magic making her flight super charged a bit.

cadence might not have the elements of harmony, but she DOES have the crystal heart under her watch, which seems to be of comparable power— its highly plausible that object could lead to her being a full alicorn like celestia and luna.

That still doesn't explain RD, who was the focal point for all of them to getting their cutie marks and becoming the Elements of Harmony. No RD, no new elements. What do you think happened after the adults heard a filly produced something with that much power and a flowing mane? Would they be excited, or terrified and/or call her a liar? No adults saw her actually pull it off personally. If filly RD really was stronger then her adult self (she would of had to have been for her body to survive making a boom that powerful) she might have subconsciously locked away that power.

Remember Lightning Dust lost control first cause she couldn't put up the force of the tornado RD and her created when RD decided to try more of her power then she WAS doing at the academy. She let go of some of her restraints for a second, and her friends nearly got hurt. Clearly she has her reasons for not going full power.

One could compare her strength restraints (or lack their of) to Superman or Hercules. In fact her entire theme has been Hercules themed from the beginning, from her culture to her strength to even her cutie mark.

Oh and Cadense? She's just a mortal great-grand niece and just a lesser alicorn like Twilight, but even less potential since she doesn't have the element of magic. Like all of Cadense and Blueblood's female ancestors, I doubt they ever got as strong as their godly aunts who can move the sun and the moon and live for 1000 years. Its unlikely she'll ever get a flowing mane.

That's a nice theory, but there are a few things sketchy about it. For one thing, there has never been established of having magic surges when you get your cutie mark, just when your infants…which makes sense; if magic and flight require some sort of will, babies have unrestrained emotions.

Twilight has made it firm that your personal magic only does what you will it to happen(one can make mistakes, but one can't discharge something at random), and filly Rarity mentioned the only exceptions were extremely rare. Heh, Rare=Rarity. Anyway, the point is Rarity wasn't at the right place at the right time for her to realize her destiny, and since the 6 were destined to become the elements, her magic knew she had to be near that rock. It wasn't a magic surge, she wasn't any stronger, it was her magic guiding her.

Twilight is ironically a special case, kind of like the Avatar from Last Aizbender, as the element of magic she is given magic she doesn't know how to control, especially as a child. Even as an adult she sometimes goes Rapidash and her magic goes on overload, burning herself out.


I think rainbow dash having her sonic rainboom was Due to Ponies getting an uncontrollable surge of magic when they Get their cutie mark, like Rarity being dragged halfway across the country or Twilight losing control of her magic.

As such, after those events Rainbow had to train to be able to do her sonic rainboom again since she wasn't getting a cutie mark Surge of free pegasi magic to make her go faster.

personally, I wonder more about Cadence having a flowing energy mane than Twilight. I mean, she's been an alicorn for most of her life now; Kind of wonder if she'll "Upgrade" so to speak later.
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True, even though those weren't her powers, her mane DID flow.

I guess one has to be at least stronger then a 'puny god' to have a flowing mane in the mlp-verse, stronger the Princess Luna depowered or Princess Twilight. Which REALLY begs the question of why Filly RD was a lot stronger then young early series RD.

Maybe its the whole "World of Cardboard" thing.

An image doesn't have to be new to be featured. The only real requirement, I think, is that it hasn't already been featured.

Anyway, this Rainbowcorn is totally adorable. :)


Not entirely true. If you look at power ponies, right before Fluttershy turns into her hulk form, her Mane begins flowing as she gets angry and starts ranting at The maneiac.

its a very small touch, but I really enjoyed seeing that now that I've rewatched that scene. rather sad it stopped flowing after she hulked out though.
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So why is this a featured image if it got posted a year ago? I thought only recent images get featured.

Apparently not, I guess.

You mean like when she created the enormous Sonic Rainboom and got her cutie mark?

Kind of ironic…The only ones with floating manes are full strength Luna and Celestia.