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It’s got quite cold outside, so Twilight decided to go home and get some cocoa, covered in her spare blanket. Sweet!
Updated - added a blink.
safe1784036 artist:ursamanner38 twilight sparkle310123 pony1084108 unicorn356562 animated102299 bed43353 blanket5639 blinking4058 blurry background1038 chocolate3499 comfy242 cute209939 female1432820 food74988 gif33107 golden oaks library5310 hot chocolate1289 magic77187 marshmallow1385 mirror5569 mug4547 solo1120711 steam2031 telekinesis29537 twiabetes12465 unicorn twilight19614 window9233 winter4582


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Draco Dei

I note that she is specifically listed as a unicorn here. It is hard to tell under the blanket, so does this mean that at some point they canonized the idea that Pegasi (and thus Alicorns) are immune to the cold, so she would have no need of the blanket after her ascension?