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The brightest star in the sky.
Okay so, I have my fair share of shippings here in this fandom.
And when it comes to the Mane 6, I ship nearly all of them with
some character. The only exception though was Twilight. Sure
there is the popular pairing with Flash Sentry, And for awhile
I supported that ship as well. I have nothing against it still, but
it does nowadays come across as your typical fairy tale pairing:
A princess, and a knight. Again, not that there’s anything wrong
with that, but, I prefer something a little more interesting.
Which brings me to the character that I do ship Twilight with:
Star Tracker, from the Once Upon A Zepplin episode. Now why
these two? Well honestly I just think it’s cute. Star Tracker is clearly
a huge fan of Twilight (Even though his behavior can come off as rather
creepy), and Twilight warms up to him after awhile. But I also like
the symbolism. Given his name and cutie mark, I can assume that
Star Tracker is an astronomer? He probably watches and studies
stars for a living, while Twilight is somewhat themed after a star.
I imagine him star gazing one night to find what he thinks is a
shooting star or comet, but is actually Twilight, admiring her
as she flies by.
Once again, I think it’s really cute, one of the less conventional ships.

safe2116721 artist:bearmation226 star tracker584 twilight sparkle349675 alicorn302534 earth pony422597 pony1477941 g41925599 cute256918 dandelion195 featured image1166 female1738523 floppy ears70254 flying52700 high res103191 looking at each other32136 looking up22981 male528967 mare702426 night36417 ship:twitracker135 shipping245801 sitting88241 smiling376316 stallion183870 stargazing432 stars22312 straight172328 sweet dreams fuel2001 telescope989 trackerbetes70 twiabetes14942 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145981


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Child of the Night
Typically not a fan of TwiTracker because his behavior reminded me of my own experiences, but this put it in a different light and it’s kinda sweet
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2011 pony fan
AI think twitracker is one of those open ended ships like flutterbulk.  
They seem to be good together and if producers didn’t get involved in making fluttercord cannon they would naturally come together.
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