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safe1659030 edit127847 edited screencap62300 editor:quoterific1063 screencap216072 amethyst skim164 bacon braids93 boulder (pet)1267 dusk drift159 ivy vine127 maud pie12242 offbeat147 starlight glimmer47217 sugar belle3049 earth pony231599 pony923121 unicorn304107 rock solid friendship1205 the cutie map4093 angry26117 construction57 flower flight124 open mouth137387 our town290 rock4273 s5 starlight1759 this will end in communism287


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@Background Pony #AD55

This scene confirms that Starlight ps village was only a couple months old when the Mane 6 got there. It could only happen after Mauds first appearance in the show,
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Background Pony #AD55
So this scene was set before the season 5 premiere, set during season 4, and during the episode, “Maud Pie”. Right?
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