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safe1726485 artist:senaelik83 starlight glimmer49187 pony986775 unicorn332098 and this gun i found4 comic110208 cute202829 dialogue66502 drawthread2375 glimmerbetes3870 gradient background12964 gun16143 handgun2794 inconvenient starlight22 levitation12302 looking at you172020 magic74257 open mouth149797 revolver1618 smiling254177 solo1077735 talking to viewer2821 telekinesis28197 this will end in communism296 this will end in death2483 this will end in friendship10 this will end in gulag74 weapon30913


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Background Pony #D68A
Well, that's an upgraded version of Staff of Sameness… more lethal that is.
Background Pony #D68A
Starlight tries to nerf the capitalism for the sake of better friendship, good.