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I know she's a canon character and I didn't create her, but now she's an adult and I wanted to introduce her before her siblingggg~

Meet Wind Sprint, the daughter of Clear Skies and Quibble Pants! After Clear and Quibble's marriage, Sprint was adopted by her new father and legally became his daughter. She grew up with two very supportive parents, with Quibble making sure to show up to every school sports game and helping her practice in buckball, if only because he's a complete pushover. Wind Sprint became a confident and competitive mare who's life revolves around her special talent, which never was much of a surprise to anyone. She believes with her entire being that she was meant to play buckball, it's her purpose in life! Sprint desperately tries to play a few rounds on one-on-one games with her younger brother, but he constantly reminds her that he is not athletically inclined at all, which means she has no choice but to playfully bully her dad into playing with her until he exhaustedly calls it quits.

I loved her design in the show, and with her little brother soon to be debuted, I couldn't resist drawing her :D


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