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Okay so basically canon doesn't exist and these two are married.

TwiPie has been my OTP ever since the very beginning. There has been no other ship in this fandom I have loved as much as this one. I was always so excited any time I saw episodes that had moments which gave me some more goodness with these girls. I have nothing against the CheesePie ship but. This is my ship till I die.
safe1654354 artist:ladyenfield7 pinkie pie211137 twilight sparkle293616 alicorn214376 earth pony229722 pony918812 the last problem5405 alternate universe10030 crown15843 cute191895 duo56354 ethereal mane7389 eyes closed87858 female1317918 jewelry58540 lesbian93889 love4799 nuzzling3844 older25314 older pinkie pie648 princess twilight 2.02161 regalia18575 shipping193548 simple background376009 smiling234002 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120805 twinkie1741


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