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All in one. Might draw Celestia today
safe1784703 artist:aaa-its-spook242 rainbow dash241640 twilight sparkle310221 alicorn238932 pegasus322795 pony1084724 the last problem6276 age progression683 alternate hairstyle29745 backwards cutie mark3805 blushing209817 chest fluff43199 clothes488488 colored wings7097 coronation dress742 crown18577 cutie mark51124 dress47055 ethereal mane8841 eyes closed101494 feather6474 female1433400 heart51317 holding hooves1751 hoof shoes6073 horn83681 jewelry71889 large wings1702 lesbian100938 long horn488 mare518620 multicolored hair6281 multicolored mane1873 multicolored tail1433 multicolored wings3045 nuzzling4166 older28555 older rainbow dash909 older twilight2033 petals476 peytral4001 princess twilight 2.02695 rainbow power2876 regalia21978 second coronation dress239 shipping209441 size difference15433 starry mane4782 sweater15282 twidash5390 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127927 wings130758


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