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safe1654058 artist:welost86 derpibooru exclusive26959 rainbow dash228064 pegasus271638 pony918543 absurd resolution65078 accessories986 alternate hairstyle26701 blushing188892 bronybait2923 cute191849 dashabetes8786 dialogue62783 floppy ears49600 jewelry58520 looking at you159296 necklace17289 nervous5456 smiling233912 solo1030240 text55837


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Eat It He-Man!
Oooh yes, a Rainbro confessing to Anon at the GGG. An event he'd normally not care to be at, but was lured into it by Dash under the guise that it'd be boring for her, and she has to attend being an EoH/ state hero afterall. "Do me a solid Anon, c'mon out with me! It'd at least be fun with you! You're always dressed fancy anyways! Don't you want an excuse to put on your best suit?"
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Your Local Commissar
I shall, my Dash. Alas, I think your partner is waiting for you, and I desire not to interrupt your partner's love for you
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Background Pony #252B
the eyes could use some work. the way you drew the iris and pupil make it look a little odd and not as cute as it could be. they look a little lifeless and not quite like eyes.