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Dash sleeps on…everyone
safe1948488 artist:chub-wub657 applejack186492 fluttershy236009 phyllis320 pinkie pie236848 rainbow dash257361 rarity201409 spike86549 starlight glimmer54767 twilight sparkle330273 alicorn270186 dragon70604 earth pony351856 pegasus396201 pony1298555 unicorn435189 absurd resolution70751 appledash7177 applejack's hat11605 biting4511 blanket6513 blushing235206 book38826 cowboy hat21475 cute232422 cute little fangs2698 dashabetes10819 diapinkes11446 dirt971 eyes closed118272 eyeshadow21960 fangs32580 female1581756 flustered508 flutterdash5000 freckles35780 glimmerbetes4402 glowing horn24807 hat106693 horn112969 jackabetes7089 lesbian107719 levitation14091 lying down31489 lying on top of someone512 magic85277 makeup30104 male451441 mane seven7293 mane six35052 mare605476 missing cutie mark5475 nom3297 open mouth193659 phyllisbetes3 pillow22146 pinkiedash3539 plant2827 plant pot83 pony pillow134 prone30447 rainbow cat126 rainbow dash gets all the mares95 rainbowspike582 raised hoof58720 raribetes6275 raridash2038 reading7206 shipping227403 shyabetes16710 simple background491554 sleeping26393 sleepydash98 spikabetes2401 starlight glimmer is not amused406 straight157489 tail bite704 telekinesis33553 twiabetes13679 twidash5601 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137405 unamused20195 white background127090


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You better not, RD; Phyllis already went through some tough times, Starlight just wants the poor plant to have a break. XD