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Dash sleeps on…everyone
safe1767601 artist:chub-wub502 applejack174618 fluttershy218845 phyllis284 pinkie pie221670 rainbow dash240144 rarity187045 spike81022 starlight glimmer50144 twilight sparkle308151 alicorn235741 dragon59555 earth pony273463 pegasus315613 pony1027506 unicorn349566 absurd resolution67572 appledash6601 applejack's hat8883 biting3944 blanket5570 blushing207034 book34921 cowboy hat17688 cute207735 cute little fangs2228 dashabetes9723 diapinkes10374 dirt805 eyeshadow16984 fangs27199 female1416653 flustered338 flutterdash4631 freckles30531 glimmerbetes3923 glowing horn20894 hat91824 horn80392 jackabetes6322 lesbian100000 levitation12743 lying down20483 magic76248 makeup23355 male393350 mane seven6724 mane six32836 mare509873 missing cutie mark4850 nom3113 open mouth157740 phyllisbetes3 pillow18885 pinkiedash3421 plant2213 plant pot43 pony pillow135 prone26625 rainbow cat116 rainbow dash gets all the mares86 rainbowspike540 raised hoof49236 raribetes5682 raridash1955 reading6478 shipping207428 shyabetes14669 simple background414720 sleeping24129 spikabetes2110 starlight is not amused349 straight141544 tail bite661 telekinesis29125 twiabetes12363 twidash5366 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127017 unamused16975 white background104066


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You better not, RD; Phyllis already went through some tough times, Starlight just wants the poor plant to have a break. XD