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Warrior Princess (Colored)

Nothing too fancy. https://t.co/7hgRGIjBcq
safe1658184 alternate version41497 artist:scorpdk666 princess celestia93086 human150201 armor23017 blue hair896 boots20833 cape9896 clothes442230 digital art16943 female1321297 flowing hair104 full body2145 gray background6783 green hair418 hand on hip5643 high heel boots5282 high heels10566 high res24740 humanized98010 lips1066 long hair3943 multicolored hair5048 pink hair1107 purple eyes2109 shoes34355 simple background377452 standing11520 sword11293 warrior1290 warrior celestia377 weapon29447


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Background Pony #89DD
This is so good, let me give a Shad- style analysis on this piece.
>It is stunning as hecc.
>Every part of the body (with one exception) is protected.
>The waist is made from flexible plates, giving a good degree of flexibility.
>The legs (with one potential exception) have a lot of flexibility.
>The smooth rounded chestplate will deflect incoming blows very well.
>The shoulder guards are extended in a way that they can catch swings to the neck while also appearing to have a good degree of flexibility.
>The edge on thw sabaton-boots does have some utility
>The boots are not as flexible as a proper sabaton also high heels are just no…
>It does look like the is no gambeson under the mail which makes it vulnerable to poke style attacks on the area between the chest and shoulder plates, the upper back and the crotch, also it leaves the waist vulnerable to mace/hammer blows.
>The cuisses/greaves look like they might catch on the knee guards if they shift which would be a problem. However, if the strap is good and they don't shift than its not a problem.
>I wonder what the helmet would look like.
That is all I can think of, don't take to cons too seriously as I do think this is a very good balance between looks and practically as far as fantasy armour goes.
Background Pony #BCE4
Epic job. Maybe the boots needs more armour, but this is almost perfect for Celestia.
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Background Pony #307F
> Go to Derpi
> See new Scorp art
> Smile at the knowledge this is a good day
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